Case 10 Feb. 2020

New product of Motorola Solutions

Number of applications

Project objectives

1. Introduce new models of equipment to the market
2. Provide the company with 100 orders per month
3. Build convenient communication with Motorola team to achieve the best results
График количества обращений
There was no possibility of tracking orders by phone and end-to-end analytics. We faced a problem where we did not understand the quality of leads and how customers use the product. The KPI was set in the number of orders per month that we had to achieve.
We started targeting in FB Business, added a few new brand messages to all advertising channels, and set up online chat.
Later, we realized that FB targeting worked much better in new states, and the paid search was less effective.
Online chat generated more orders than other channels. All our decisions led to better monthly results and by the end of the year, we had achieved client goals.

Сергей Воробьев
Sergey Vorobiev
Project manager
"After analyzing user experience, the blocks were rearranged and the header was adjusted. With the same traffic indicators, the conversion increased by 20%!"
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